NEOWISE | iPad and NightCap

We enjoyed these views from Iowa last night.

How I See It

We had very clear skies last night about 10 pm. We walked a few doors down our street carrying a small telescope, tripod, and our iPad. That placed us between two streetlights. Our street runs SE to NW. Looking SE, there were Jupiter and Saturn. A quick setup of the Astroscan scope gave us nice views.

Looking NW, we both easily spotted comet NEOWISE with our naked eyes. The telescope view on 30x was great. We set the iPad with the NightCap app on long exposure and zoomed in a little. Pretty good for an iPad, we thought.

NightCap | Long Exposure mode | 21 sec

High above was Ursa Major. We got a shot of it, too. Both images were merged into this wider view giving some perspective on where to look for the comet. In the next week, it will be below U Major and move a littleā€¦

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