NEOWISE | Evening and Morning Views

We finally got our clear views of NEOWISE.

How I See It

We were finally blessed with clear skies and got our first views of C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), or Comet NEOWISE. Most sightings by others thus far have been in the early pre-dawn hours. This week, NEOWISE will become a better evening apparition after 9:30 pm.

Last evening on 12 July, we went to our viewing site with a clear view of the northwest horizon. It was predicted to be at a direction of 328˚ and an altitude of 6˚ above the horizon. (West = 270˚, North = 360˚) Your fist at arm’s length is about 10˚ tall. We scanned with binoculars for several minutes as the sky slowly darkened. There it was.

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS | ISO1600 | 1 sec | Full Zoom

This wide angle shot shows how small the comet and tail actually are. We were not able to see it without binoculars until our eyes were…

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