About Jim

I retired from teaching physics after long tenures in IL and IA. Teaching is still in my blood. Blogging here and at How I See It is how I continue my enjoyment of that art. I invite you to join me there for posts that are different from the posts here. Here are some signposts along my life journey.

Blogging is most fun when readers respond. I’m interested in some conversation. Let me know what you think. Ask some questions. What you say matters.

I enjoy astronomy and science of all kinds. Many of my blog posts will be on those topics. We have a nice wooded backyard with walking paths nearby. I will write about what we see there. I hope you join me for those.

A few years ago, I taught myself to play electric blues guitar. It provides great satisfaction many evenings a week.

Being happily married to Melanie is the best thing I can imagine. It gets better with time. Lucky me.


4 thoughts on “About Jim

  1. Paul Zaremba

    Hello! My lovely librarian wife’s search seems to have paid off. I believe I was one of your students in Physics and AP Physics many years ago in Illinois. This blog is fantastic. You’re even cooler than I remember. And you got to take a picture with President Obama! You came up in conversation tonight when I was reminiscing about great teachers I had in high school. If you remember me, I’d love to hear from you!

    1. Jim in IA

      Paul, what a surprise. Thank you for getting in touch. Thanks to your librarian wife for being persistent with her search. We need to get in touch other than in this About Me section.


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