WW-I History | Operation War Diary

How I See It

The First World War Centenary begins in 2014 and lasts until 2018. Commemorative events are scheduled at many times and places. Diverse groups are coming together to remember the loved ones lost in that terrible war. As you can see in this image, a soldier is taking advantage of a break to sleep. Another is writing. Soldiers were given papers to use as a diary or an intelligence summary. (See second image) There were columns for place, date, hour, summary of the event, and remarks or references. Over 1.5 million pages of war diaries tell the story of the British Army on the Western Front during the First World War. There is a way for each of us ‘citizen historians’ to help enter the contents of those diaries into an electronic database which others can search and use for family history or research purposes. More below the second image.

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