Derecho Cleanup Finished

The severe derecho windstorm that charged across Iowa on 10 August 2020 caused a huge amount of damage to trees, crops, homes, and businesses estimated at $11 billion dollars. We lost the tops and limbs of several tall trees near our house. This link shows some of the tree damages. Our roof had 6 holes punched in it by falling limbs. Rafters were broken. Half of the gutters were destroyed. And, 3 holes were torn in the deck screens.

The limbs were all cleared away. The roof was replaced in December and the gutters in May. The screens were replaced on the entire deck in late July. The place looks good.

Our handy man, Joey, brought his lift so he could easily and safely reach everything.

Before his visit, I stained and sealed the interior wood of the deck. While he had the boards off of the outside, I treated them. Everything now has a fresh coat inside and out.


9 thoughts on “Derecho Cleanup Finished

  1. joynealkidney

    We were only on the edge of that storm (Des Moines area), but one neighbor is still dealing with issues because a tree plunged through the roof and into a living area.

  2. shoreacres

    I’ve lived through enough hurricane recovery efforts to know how long it can take. Down here, the blue tarp on the roof is the sign that says “We’re still working on it.” I’m glad you’re not working on it any longer, and I hope you never have to go through it again!

    1. Jim R Post author

      I know what you mean by the blue tarps. A small number are still in place here. I have a nephew who lives in Lake Charles. They’ve been hit hard. Thanks for hoping we never have to go through it again. This was my second one and by far the worst. One in 1998 did minor damage to our house. They are a powerful force of nature and more common this time of the summer.

  3. jim fetig

    We’ve had two of them just miss us. Fingers crossed. We have five tulip poplars in the back yard, any one of which could crush our house. Meanwhile, the hiking trails have been hit hard by recent storms and the sawing continues.

    1. Jim R Post author

      We were out for a morning hike today. The trail is on Corps of Engineers land by the Coralville Reservoir. It is not well maintained with several hazards to hikers along it. I said to Melanie ‘Jim Fetig would not tolerate this kind of mess.’


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