Groundhog | Up a Tree?

I have been trying to convince a young groundhog that it shouldn’t make a home in a burrow near the back of our house. Each time I get a chance, I sneak up on it, make loud noises, and chase it. It scurries back to the burrow. I think I am losing the battle. Today, things took a very different turn that completely surprised me.

I looked out the back window and saw the groundhog sitting on a log with its back to the house. I got a plastic bag, put on my shoes, and headed outside. My plan was to sneak up on it with a large tree between us. Then, I would jumped from behind the tree shaking the plastic bag. Surely that would scare the dickens out of it.

I got partway toward my destination and discovered the groundhog had moved quite a distance while I was in the house getting my bag and shoes. It didn’t see me yet. It moved behind another large tree. I sneaked up closer. I was between the groundhog and its burrow when I burst out from behind the tree frantically shaking the plastic bag. I’m glad no neighbors were out to see my antics. What it did next completely surprised me. It went straight up the nearest tree trunk. I didn’t know they could do that.

It sat there watching me while perched about 20 ft up that tree. It seems I won this brief skirmish.

After typing up this post, I went back to see if it was still up in the tree. It was nowhere to be seen. No doubt it is in the burrow plotting its next move.


11 thoughts on “Groundhog | Up a Tree?

  1. Mrs. P

    Your antics sound laughingly familiar. Rick had a similar battle with a squirrel eating all are bird food right outside our window. He throw up the sash and say, “what are you doing in my bird feeder?” The squirrel would jump to a tree and they’d eyeball each for a few minutes. In the end, the squirrel won, we removed the feeder.

    I had no idea groundhogs when up trees, either!

  2. melissabluefineart

    A climbing woodchuck~ who knew?! We used to try stuffing the hole(s) to the burrow with large rocks to deter them but I think ultimately we always had to have them removed. I am enjoying the mental image of you chasing it with a bag 🙂 🙂


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