Grand Teton National Park

This has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The sun and blue sky set the scene perfectly.


We weren’t the only ones who thought so. This group of young people caught our attention and gave us a few chuckles as they posed for their group selfie. Afterward, I showed them my photo. They gave me an email so I could send the photo to them. The white sign to their right is a strict warning about bears nearby.


12 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

        1. Eliza Waters

          Wow, I didn’t know that. Our hills in the east are probably shrinking about that much. They were once as tall as the Himalayas, I’m told, like 400 million years ago!

  1. coolxkid89

    Fantastic video pal 🙂 love it! I too have Just trekked up in the Tetons and am just in the throws of putting together my blog! Would love if you would read it when it comes out! I have a bunch of trail tales be sure to check them out! But i just cant get over how good yours are!!! Haha any tips? Oh yeah and be sure to help a fellow out with a follow if you enjoyed any readings 😛

    1. Jim R Post author

      Thank you. The Tetons are gorgeous. No doubt you had a great time. I will read it when you finish.

      At the moment we are packing the car to go. I don’t have time to offer many tips except for one. Write for your enjoyment. It ought to be your journal. Be genuine and others will see that.

      1. coolxkid89

        Packing to het bavk into nature?! Yeah man good advice! Keep it true to the heart! Look forward to spending time in the stars with you pal!


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