Tiny Flowers | Common Yellow Woodsorrel

Big showy flowers are wonderful to see. There are many fine examples in the yards and gardens in most neighborhoods. Today, as I set out on a walk along our community trails, I brought my camera. I decided to search for some of the smallest flowers I could find. I tried to restrict my hunt to 1/4″ flowers. The macro setting on the camera allows me to get within 2″. I found several good subjects. Today, I am sharing one. More will follow in the days to come.

Let me introduce you to Oxalis stricta L. It is also known as common yellow woodsorrel. The flower in this image and the next looks very large. That is an illusion caused by the macro setting on the camera. It is quite small.

Common Yellow Woodsorrel

A Little Bit Closer

In order to get a better sense of scale, I supported the flower in my hand for comparison. It is a very small flower.

The plant which produces this tiny flower has shamrock shaped leaves. This specimen stood about 12″ tall. I have seen smaller ones growing in my yard and garden.

The common yellow woodsorrel is found throughout most of Canada and the U.S. except for some far western states. The United States Department of Agriculture offers more details here.


11 thoughts on “Tiny Flowers | Common Yellow Woodsorrel

  1. Sheryl

    Wow, I never looked carefully at a wood sorrel bloom (usually, I’m rapidly weeding them out of the flower beds). The flower is beautiful. And, I like the way you first showed the photo with the magnified flower, and then the other one that give the perspective of the actual flower size.

  2. OceanDiver

    Great macro. We’re even seeing cobweb threads I think! What you’re doing when you hold the flower is what I often have to do to give the camera something big enough to focus on, otherwise it tends to focus behind the flower. Usually I set the focus with my hand and then move my hand away to take the pic. Keeping it there can be an informative photo too, seeing scale, as you have here. Kudos on noticing and celebrating “weeds”. They produce beautiful flowers too.

    1. Jim in IA Post author

      Thanks. I’ve tried different focus modes. The central spot focus works best for me. I’ve had a lot of shots with good background focus.

      Some of my best friends are weedy. 🙂


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