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Snowshoe Hike

by Jim and Melanie

We got a fresh 6″ snowfall in a narrow band across the region of eastern Iowa and western Illinois. The water equivalent was about 0.20 inches. That is a 30:1 snow:water ratio. Normal is 10:1. The snow was very light and fluffy.


The temperatures rose into the teens by mid-day as the snow fell. We donned our snow clothes, snowshoes, and hiking poles and set out on the trail behind our house that runs into other neighborhoods. It was peaceful and quiet. A bald eagle flew over us toward the Iowa River. Snow blanketed our shoulders.

It was 0˚F this morning with northwest wind increasing. Much colder tonight and the next few days. It will be best to stay home and warm.


Strange View From Iowa

Our View From Iowa is very unusual today. We were ready to back out for an errand run and watched this truck come down our cul de sac and get hung up and stuck in front of our house. The trailer wheels are on a steep slope. The tractor is on ice with no traction. The dispatcher suggested he try to unhitch. The twist puts a bind on the hitch and it won’t release. The driver asked me if I had some bleach. His dad told him that would help with traction.

Poor guy. I told him to come in for warmth, bathroom, or a cup of coffee when needed.