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Sunshine | Leaves | Color

Turn toward the light.

How I See It

For a couple of hours, sunshine streams in one of the living room windows directly on one of our plants. In response to the light, phototropism, the plant directs its leaves to maximize the amount of light it receives. The colors and subtle shades of yellow and green are really beautiful. Here, the sun backlights the leaf.

The camera and tripod are brought closer and set to macro mode. The entire width is about 1″.

Have an interesting day. Thank you for stopping by for a look.


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My Handy Rain Barrel

How I See It

There is a patch of day lillies at the back edge of the yard. I keep them watered as needed by using my rain barrel. The deer have walked by the lily patch so often they have worn a path. Most years, they eat the fresh buds before they bloom, robbing me of the pleasure of seeing them in their glory. This year was no exception. Maybe I need a tall fence.

A few years ago, our city offered to pay home owners half of the cost of rain barrels, butterfly gardens, rain water retention projects, etc., up to $750. I considered installation of a barrel before I read the announcement in the city newsletter. That news prompted me to go ahead with the plan.

This is my small garden arrangement on the south side of the house. There are two terraces full of rich soil. I rotate my crops…

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