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Maquoketa Caves State Park

by Melanie and Jim

We had such a wonderful day. We left here a little after 6 am, after seeing the thinnest crescent moon and Jupiter in the very clear sky. It was in the low 50s, pretty cool but seasonal for here. Three towns north we stopped for breakfast and coffee, which were both decent. And then on to the park. Iowa is very beautiful. Many people believe it is flat and boring, but it is not flat. And you’d only be bored if you find the rolling hills, century farmsteads, and tree-lined creek beds uninspiring. Northeast Iowa rolls more, and this time of year literally looks like a Grant Wood painting. Indeed he was from here so knew the land well.

Stone City – Grant Wood

After breakfast, we drove northeast another hour or so. At Anamosa, we turned east onto hwy. 64, also marked as Grant Wood Scenic Byway. It followed the high ground between two rivers and provided some nice vistas.  We drove through Wyoming, Monmouth, and Baldwin. Just after Pence Cemetery, we turned north onto Bear Creek Road. This last part was a gravel-covered “Level B, Enter at your own Risk” road. It wasn’t bad, but would be difficult if muddy.

I want to see more.