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Family Christmas Photos 2020

The year 2020 has been bad in many many ways. It is hard to remember any positive things about it. We each have our own personal list of negatives. We are eager to put it behind us and move on.

One of the hardest parts about 2020 is the way we have been separated from our loved ones. We miss the hugs and the good food. We miss the grandchildren. They are growing up fast. One of our daughters lives far away. We’ve been together via video. But, it isn’t the same as in person. She recently post their family Christmas photo. Everyone is masked, symbolic of this strange year. But, the photo was great. They are healthy, smart, and strong. We are proud. They will help make the future brighter.



Graduations 2020

It is that time of year when school seniors the world over get excited about their graduation. Well, not so much this year as we practice proper distancing and isolation. Our oldest grand-daughter was due to graduate from college. We had planned to go to Pittsburgh PA, attend the ceremonies, and celebrate. Instead, the school officials arranged for graduation via Zoom.

It is a small school and class, so the number of people involved was not a problem. Graduates, parents, siblings, grand parents, and friends were all welcome. They zoomed in from all over. Here is one of several pages with little boxes with people inside we could see online. We’re in the top row, second from the left. I’m taking this picture of the screen.

To our left was the emcee of the ceremonies. She was funny, made it very informal, and had kind words for all of the graduates. Here is a better shot of her and her colleague. She is saying something to our grand-daughter about her diploma and course of studies.

Our grand-daughter gave thanks to family, friends, and school officials for the day. Here she is in her living room with cap and gown and decorations. Each graduate got their time in the spotlight. It was a very unique and positive commencement. Nothing at all like the normal. But, it will be remembered. We were happy for our grand-daughter. We wish her well and success in the future.