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Charlotte’s Clubfoot

by Melanie and Jim

Someone very near and dear to our family found out last winter that her unborn baby girl was going to be born with a clubfoot. In her words…

I received a phone call from my doctor that no parent ever wants to hear. ‘There was an abnormality on your ultrasound. It appears that the baby’s right foot is a clubfoot. I’m going to put in a referral for you to be seen at Walter Reed in Maternal/Fetal Medicine.’

Umm, what? There’s something wrong with my baby? What does a clubfoot mean? Does she not have toes? Can it be fixed? Will she walk? Is it a sign of a more serious abnormality? Is it my fault? These are just a few of the questions that flooded my mind as my eyes filled with tears.

She set about finding out all she could about it and the best course of treatment. She hoped, by telling her story, that she would be better able to cope with the future appointments and treatments for Charlotte. She also hoped her story would be a reassuring one for other parents who are faced with the same diagnosis.

Everything has turned out well and as expected at this point in time. Charlotte’s story is documented in her mother’s blog. Her archive of posts begins in July and goes to August this year with twelve entries. Each post describes a stage in the treatment regime and includes pictures and thoughts from the heart. I asked if it was alright for me to share this. More exposure to other parents would be a good thing. She said to go ahead.

Here is your link to begin with The Backstory. Once you are at the bottom of a post in the blog, go to the next posts with Newer Post button. They are heartwarming. Charlotte is beautiful. Share this story and re-blog as you see fit. Thank you Charlotte and her parents.