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Solar Panels | First Results

How I See It

Generation of electricity by the panels has been monitored for the six most recent days. The days varied from sunny, to cloudy, and variable. The output by the panels varied, too. The blue bars are total electric energy generated for the days of October 9-14. At the top of each is the kilo-Watt-Hours (kWhr) of electric energy made by the panels that day. During those days, total electric energy usage by our home averaged 5.52 kWhr. Generation is keeping pace with usage.

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Climate Strike | Local Edition

There was a large turnout for our local Climate Strike. See photos of the many international strikes. Our march gathered at city hall. Led by high school and college students, and followed by everyone else, we marched several blocks to an open area in the center of town.

We were joined by our local group of activists 100 Grannies. They can always be counted on for support of good causes.

The strike started off with a few minutes of silence out of respect for those who are suffering because of climate change. In particular, the residents of the Gulf coast were noted for the recent very heavy rains from storm Imelda. Speakers followed who urged us all to be active, vote for the best candidates, and demand current officials to take action to protect Earth.