Viewing Heavenly Bodies | 2023

Looking for stuff in space this year?

How I See It

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Desktop planetarium software helps plan viewing sessions and keep track of the planets and Moon. Many products are available for all computer platforms and smartphones. A browser search yields links to many sources. Open source and free Stellarium is one popular program. It can be customized to your location and has a nice look and feel. For Android and Mac phones and tablets, I like SkySafari. It isn’t free but is inexpensive.

Online planetariumsitesarepopular and offer many features. Below are highlights of a few I like. With multiple features, a unique look and feel, and different levels of detail, they can help satisfy your curiosity aboutastronomical events. I welcome reader questions or reviews about using these tools or others you find helpful.


Heavens Above

This popular site offers a wealth of sky viewing options. It is simple and very…

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1 thought on “Viewing Heavenly Bodies | 2023

  1. shoreacres

    I did see the conjunction a couple of nights ago, though very briefly, thanks to fog. Our NWS office is my usual source; they’re very good about including information about events in their forecasts. Nice!


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