Critter Cam | February

The trail camera was out for a couple of days between rain and snow events. There always seems to be plenty of traffic. The camera was set to take 3 images when it detected motion. One or two of the three were sometimes good for sharing here. Some critters move fast and are just a blur. Click on galleries for larger versions.

Raccoons are always making the rounds.

Deer are plentiful all over town and on this path.

Grey squirrels are everywhere.

Possums are plentiful. One image is enough.

Cardinals are a favorite with their red coats and black trim.


3 thoughts on “Critter Cam | February

  1. shoreacres

    There’s a whole lot of chasing going on among the squirrels here right now, and it’s not youngsters who are doing the chasing. I predict a population increase in the medium future.

    I laughed at your “one possum is enough” line, and I really enjoyed seeing the cardinals. I’ve finally begun hearing an occasional cardinal calling now, and the mockingbirds are tuning up. I added some dried mealworms to the feeders, and it wasn’t long before the mockingbirds showed up — along with the starlings. I don’t mind starlings at all. I’ve discovered that they’ll come, eat some mealworms, and be happy. They don’t mess with the other seed at all.


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