Critter Cam

There is a wooded acreage directly behind our house. Deer have made a path over time that conveniently connects our house to a city trail system about 50 yards away. There is daily traffic of various animals along it.

A month ago our next door neighbor said he was certain he saw a bobcat in his back yard not far from the deer path. It is a real possibility. I know some locals who have seen them in other parts of the county. I bought an inexpensive trail camera in hopes of seeing it. After hundreds of images in both day and night time, I have yet to see a bobcat. Lots of house cats, though.

There are plenty of grey squirrels.

There is a very chubby ground hog who waddles by once in a while. That short tree stump is 1 foot tall.

Deer will become more numerous during the winter months as they forage around bird feeders in the neighborhood.

There are many possum, raccoons, birds, and a few chipmunks and mice.

The hunt continues.


7 thoughts on “Critter Cam

  1. shoreacres

    How cool! I’ve seen a single bobcat once, and once I glimpsed a mama with a cub. In both cases, they were at the Brazoria refuge, and the sightings were very, very brief. They’re secretive, for sure. That groundhog made me laugh. That is a plump little critter. My possum still is visiting the bird feeders, but I don’t need a game cam to see it. All I have to do is be up just before sunrise, open the blinds, and watch. I do envy your robin, though. It’s still one of my favorite birds, but very uncommon around here.

    1. Jim R Post author

      Lucky you for the bobcat and cub. Did you know groundhogs are tree climbers? They especially like to eat mulberry leaves. We have robins galore. Some even hang around through winter. They might not be the smartest ones. Cold spells make it hard to find food.

      1. shoreacres

        I had no idea groundhogs climb trees. I may have read it once, but I’d forgotten. I was surprised to learn that opossums climb, too. Every year they try to strip a friend’s persimmons from her tree.


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