New Fawn

I stepped out onto the front porch and was startled when this thing bleated at me not more than 2 feet away lying next to the lavender flowers. It looked at me seeming to wonder ‘Are you my mother?” Momma deer was nowhere to be seen. It might have sniffed my hand if I’d offered. But, I didn’t want to startle it. Deposits of new fawn near our house have happened several times over the years.


11 thoughts on “New Fawn

    1. Jim R Post author

      We will probably see her soon looking for the fawn. They manage to survive here in town. No predators. A few days ago, during our walk on a trail in town, we came upon a doe. She stood still as we stopped and inched closer. Melanie got to within 8 ft before we decided that was close enough. She never did run away from us.

  1. Eliza Waters

    What a cute newbie. We’ve had a doe hovering around the yard the past few days, so it’s likely that she dropped a fawn somewhere just into the woods. I looked for it, but it was most likely hidden in plain sight!

    1. Jim R Post author

      Several deer in our neighborhood have grown very tolerant of we humans. One day, we came within about 8 feet of one on a walk along a trail.

      1. mountaincoward

        That would be really lovely. The wildlife where I’ve moved to seem excessively shy – even the birdlife. At my old house, blackbirds would stand and wait for me to put food out and merely move aside while I did it and then tuck in. If I was sat outside eating, they’d stand in front of me with their head on one side asking for some – and I’d always oblige. I used to love all that 🙂


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