Utah | 8 Oct 2021

by Jim and Melanie

The weather forecast for this day was for light rain by mid-day. We arrived early at our destination in Arches NP called Park Avenue. This picture is from the viewing platform next to the parking lot. We chose to follow the trail in the center for a mile into the distance. There, you have the impression of walking along a grand avenue in a major city with tall buildings on either side.

Park Avenue

Melanie paused to wonder what the Three Gossips were talking about. They have seen and heard a lot over the years.

The return hike always presents different things than the outgoing hike.

A very light rain started as we reached our car. Our next stop was called the Windows. We hoped the rain would not spoil that visit.

The Windows

This area contained many arches and formations. They were easily accessed by short trails. Frank Bethwick, leader of a scientific expedition in 1933-34, said this:

These arches are of thrilling beauty. Caused by the cutting action of wind-blown sand (not stream erosion), one marvels at the intricacies of nature.

The light rain continued. We came prepared but hoped it would not last long. We watched people from the car and ate our lunch. Soon, we were on our way. First stop was Turret Arch followed by the North and South Windows pair.

Near South Window on the right, the trail split and was marked primitive. We chose that. It took us around behind these two arches. No one else was back there. We stopped several times to enjoy the quiet and survey the landscape.

After returning to the car, we set out on a very short trail to Double Arch. The rain had nearly stopped and more people were venturing out. This trail was popular and easy. The Double is a massive formation and is the tallest (112 ft/34 m) and second-longest (144 ft/44 m) arch in the park. Look for people below it in the video and last image.

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