Utah | 7 Oct 2021

by Jim and Melanie

Sunset in Arches NP the previous day was beautiful. We decided to enter the park at sunrise this day for a comparison. At the La Sal mountains viewpoint we watched the sunrise and the sandstone glow orange.

The Devil’s Garden

The road in Arches in an out-and-back with several places to stop at viewpoints or to park and hike. We chose this morning to go all the way to the farthest point called the Devil’s Garden.

The trail took us between cliff walls and huge slabs of sandstone called fins. The one in this short video reminded us of the front of a large ship.

One of the more popular and large features on this trail is called Landscape Arch. It is the 5th longest span in the world at 290 ft. Some rock sections fell from it in the 1990s and now the trail below it is closed.

A short distance beyond this arch was a sloping section of rock projecting very high. People could walk up it being careful not to slide off the sides.

There are several choices of trails in the Devil’s Garden leading to many arches. A small fenced corral guided visitors to this interesting view.

Everywhere you looked you were presented with beautiful scenes and photo opportunities.

Sunset on the Colorado River

After dinner, we visited the Lion’s Bike Park where hwy 128 meets hwy 191 at the north edge of Moab. The Colorado River flows through the park in a confining canyon and out into more open terrain. There are biking and hiking trails along the river upstream and down for several miles. We started walking upstream just before sunset.

At a point along the path near a very high vertical rock face, we heard voices in the distance that were whooping with excitement. We looked up to see base jumpers leaping off the edge of the cliff.

Link to post of 6 October.


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