Nearly Finished

Our backyard cleanup of the downed trees and limbs from the August 10th derecho is almost finished. Three pickup truckloads of cut tree trunks and branches were hauled away a week ago. We had some days with little wind which allowed small branches and debris to be burned. We will see what grows in the spring and then decide what to plant in the empty space. Nature was quick to destroy some trees but will take her time to show her future plans. We will be patient.

Here are photos for comparison of before and after cleanup. Taken from the same spot.

August 11, 2020

November 13, 2020


8 thoughts on “Nearly Finished

  1. joynealkidney

    I can just hear the chainsaws. Your derecho damage was so much more extensive than ours, here in the Des Moines area, but we have a neighbor still having work done on her house because of the hole a large tree made in her roof and worse.

    1. Jim R Post author

      A lot fewer chainsaws running these days. Glad for that. Thee derecho was just getting wound up north of Des Moines. It matured into full force about at Cedar Rapids. We were on the southern fringe and still got hammered.

  2. shoreacres

    The trunk of the tree in the middle is so unusual. I assume it grew that way, but I’m wondering if lightning or something split the bark. It’s really quite attractive. It’s going to be interesting to see how things look in spring. With some of the cover gone, you might have some interesting wildflowers.

  3. Steve Morris

    We have a lot of trees at our place too, and I’m always surprised at how much attention they require. When I lived in an urban environment, I used to imagine that trees took care of themselves!

  4. jim fetig

    This is nature’s way of pruning the forest. The ice and winds along the Blue Ridge have created some gnarly but beautiful trees. Also there will be much more light striking the forest floor. That will open opportunity for new species and tree renewal. That would be a neat process to document.


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