Harvest Moon | Shine On Us

A lot of fuss was been made of the Harvest Moon on Friday the 13th. Our Chinese friends noted its significance for them and their love of Moon Cakes. On our way home last night from a dinner party with our friends, we enjoyed views of the full moon high in the southeast sky.

Awake before sunrise on the 14th, I looked for the Moon before it set in the west and was rewarded for my effort with these views. The most-zoomed was at 6:34 am.

A few minutes later sunrise approached. I turned to the east and was rewarded with this golden sky. That radio tower is 13 miles away. Good luck and blessings for all. Peace.


17 thoughts on “Harvest Moon | Shine On Us

    1. Jim R Post author

      Good. The Moon is one thing I watch for all the time. It has so many moods and shows. It has constancy and adds stability to my life. So many things are unpredictable. Not the Moon.

  1. Jan

    Nice photos. It certainly was bright the last few nights.
    We saw Leon sing live in Iowa City back in the 80s. What a special entertainer!

  2. Steve Gingold

    I wan’t able to shoot the moon rising but had a nice look at it the following morning. It was before sunrise so did not have the nice warm glow that yours does.
    Never had a moon pie or cake. I am sure I missed something tasty.

    Saw Leon in a local old theater many years ago. A bat kept flying around the stage and he claimed it was his that traveled with him. No one was sure about that.

    1. Jim R Post author

      Following the progress of the moon is always rewarding. It offers unending variations. We heard lots of talk of moon cakes, but none showed up to taste. Maybe next year.

      You probably see bats often when you are out early in the morning. I see them most nights when Iā€™m out. Leon might been batty enough to have one as a pet. šŸ™‚


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