“What is that big thing way up there in that tree?” asked Melanie as we finished dinner on the deck. It was a groundhog 30 ft up a Mulberry tree munching on leaves. It is a favorite food for them. I went to a better location and recorded this video. The next day it was 40 ft up the same tree. We’ve had previous encounters with our resident rodent described in these posts.


12 thoughts on “Treehog?

    1. Jim R Post author

      There are plenty of leaves still available. Maybe it will invite friends over and have a treetop party. Like the Dog Party in Go Dog Go.

    1. Jim R Post author

      I wonder what the mortality rate is for those who climb this way. The wiki article said their metabolism slows this time of year. They keep eating a lot to store up fat for the long winter sleep. This guy must fear we have another long hard winter coming.


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