Fire Safety Demonstrations

Our local fire department had an open house to show the public their facilities and equipment. The mostly volunteer force gathered at their training facility dressed in all their gear.

The facility has metal structures with multiple floors and pre-arranged situations in which they can practice safe procedures for a wide variety of rescues.

One structure had this wood and straw arranged to cause a lots of smoke for one of their demonstrations. The blackened metal walls show the facility had been used many times before.

Included was a demonstration by the firefighters of how to put out a car fire. For practice, they have a burned out shell of a car rigged with LP gas so they don’t release toxic chemicals from a different car each time. A 5 min video of their program is at the bottom of this post.



11 thoughts on “Fire Safety Demonstrations

  1. BJ Good

    I didn’t realize that a city of Coralville’s population & area had a mostly volunteer fire department.

  2. shoreacres

    We have about 120 volunteer firefighters in our town of 105,000. There’s a professional chief and other staff, but the volunteers are the core of the department. I’d never gone to their pages on the city website, but I thought this one, that describes their fire safety training for elementary-age children, was great. It must be impressive to see that demonstration with the car fire. That kind of situation arises more frequently than you’d think on Houston freeways. Traffic reporters refer to them as car-be-ques.

    They have one of those training centers that’s a multi-level structure, too. One of the neatest things they’ve done with it landed in a YouTube video — I’ll link it below.

  3. Anne Brannigan

    Our local fire service is also made up of retained officers. They do a great job and you can often see them driving, biking or running to the station in an emergency. They do lots of work in schools and hold many open days and charity events, Car washing being a favourite. It’s a great way to get you car cleaned on a Saturday. Their work is mainly attending car accidents and moorland fires around here, house fires are fewer these days due to safer household equipment. There is of course an occasional cat stuck up a tree which often gets lots of publicity. Guess it’s different where you are.

    1. Jim R Post author

      Our service does a lot of similar work and charitable events. Last month, we attended their annual chili 🌶 lunch. During another time they have a pancake breakfast. Kids get to climb in the fire trucks. They do free home inspections for smoke detectors. Cats in trees is a world wide problem.

      It was nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. Melanie says hi.

      1. Anne

        Say hi to Melanie too please. I’m ok thank you, just back last night from a liovely trip to the Norwegian fiords. My phone isn’t too happy though after a soaking iwhile kayaking.
        I hope you are both well.

        1. Jim R Post author

          I will do that. The fiords sounds like a great trip. I would like to see them and northern lights. Both at once would be awesome. I hope your phone gets better.

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