This is a test

One of the email followers of this blog contacted me to say they no longer receive email notices about new posts. They have tried un-following, re-following, etc, all to no avail. What about the rest of you? According to the site statistics there are 16 email followers. Do you get notices?

Please contact me with an email or a comment below if you receive this post notice via email. If no one responds, I might conclude the system is not working.

Thank you


26 thoughts on “This is a test

  1. Pat T.

    Good morning, Jim!
    I have had no problems receiving your wonderful posts by email…
    (I, too, would complain if they weren’t coming through!)
    Thank you!
    Pat T.

      1. Anne Brannigan

        Hi Jim, no I didn’t receive those posts, thought you might be having a break, I look forward to your news

    1. Jim R Post author

      Thank you, Elyse, for that confirmation. Most of the email followers have said it has been working for them, too.

      Have a good day.


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