Snowshoe Hike

by Jim and Melanie

We got a fresh 6″ snowfall in a narrow band across the region of eastern Iowa and western Illinois. The water equivalent was about 0.20 inches. That is a 30:1 snow:water ratio. Normal is 10:1. The snow was very light and fluffy.


The temperatures rose into the teens by mid-day as the snow fell. We donned our snow clothes, snowshoes, and hiking poles and set out on the trail behind our house that runs into other neighborhoods. It was peaceful and quiet. A bald eagle flew over us toward the Iowa River. Snow blanketed our shoulders.

It was 0˚F this morning with northwest wind increasing. Much colder tonight and the next few days. It will be best to stay home and warm.


14 thoughts on “Snowshoe Hike

  1. Mike Bizeau

    That light fluffy snow must be quite unusual in the midwest and a fun little treat to hike through. Keep warm, enjoy the winter and a very happy new year to you and your family.

    1. Jim R Post author

      It is a rare event here. We often get the wet sloppy stuff that sticks to a shovel or blower.

      We are staying warm. May you and yours enjoy a great end to 17 and start to 18.

  2. shoreacres

    I’ve always known the 1:10 snow/water ratio, but it never had occurred to me that it would differ so much from wet to dry snow. Obviously, there’s a reason skiers love “powder.”

    No snow here, but we’re in for some below freezing temperatures. In fact, a hard freeze here at the coast is possible for as many as three nights. Given a choice between 20 degrees with gale force winds and your lovely snow, I just might take zero with snow.

  3. Mrs. P

    Good for you! I’m glad to see your out taking a walk…even when the weather is cool. Snow shoes sure look different these days.

    I’ve never been in weather that was in the teens. Rick has and vows to avoid freezing at all costs…sixty degrees and his teeth start chattering. 😁

      1. melissabluefineart

        Ordinarily we just walk/drive over the top of it (we’re both from the country) but Paul has decided to get more exercise so he went out and shoveled the driveway. I kind neighbor shovels the entire length of sidewalk on our block. I really need to take him a thank-you gift. What do you do with your snow?

        1. Jim R Post author

          If it is more than an inch I get the snow blower out and make quick work of it. Less than an inch either gets left or pushed off with two shovels I put side by side.

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