SuperMoon | 3 Dec 2017

There it was shining into the bedroom windows low in the western sky. By the time it reached the full SuperMoon phase at 9:46 am CST, it would be well below the horizon. I give you the almost SuperMoon just before setting. Sorry about the trees being in the way.

Click to embiggen


9 thoughts on “SuperMoon | 3 Dec 2017

  1. Jim R Post author

    We get 2 of them in January on the 1st and 31st. The one on the 31st is a blue moon. Plus, that one is during a lunar eclipse, or blood moon. It will be a SuperBlueBlood moon. Watch for the hype for that one. Some may say the end is near because of it. 🙂

  2. shoreacres

    I’d been wondering about the dates in January. I’m glad you added them.

    There’s a glass artist in Wharton, Texas, who’s showing in Houston this weekend. One of her pieces is a large glass moon encased in random tree branches. It looks remarkably like your photo.

  3. Mrs. P

    You did a great job at capturing its size…sadly there are too many electric wires for us to get clear shot, though I have gotten some through the branches in the past.


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