Storm in Nature and Life

Jim’s story of the book “Storm,” with some fascinating and unexpected connections.

How I See It

Some things we keep over the years carry strong ties and meaning in our lives. In our house, we try to not keep very many things, only the most important. Given the chance, we part with some of the things we’ve kept that might not have much meaning any more. When we die, we don’t want to leave the job of sorting through our stuff to our children.

I sorted some books on the shelves to see which could be donated to the public library for their sale. I decided to keep this one. The book and I have connections that goes back several decades. I will explain.

The Book

Storm is a novel by George R. Stewart published in 1941. Each of the twelve chapters is a day in the life of the storm. Each details the impacts of a storm which began in the western Pacific. The storm…

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2 thoughts on “Storm in Nature and Life

  1. Susan M Shullaw

    Reading your blog is a key reason that I’m able to fulfill that old maxim to “learn something new every day.” 🙂 When I was a child in the 50s, “They Call the Wind Maria” was a popular tune on the radio. I always loved the name and thought it would be a swell thing to call a horse, since I was obsessed with the Black Beauty book series at the time and desperately wanted a horse of my own. How fun to have this blog bring that all back to me. Thanks for another fascinating post!

    1. Jim R Post author

      Susan, I am happy to have helped bring back some good memories. I remember that song being played, too. I wasn’t a fan of horses. My older sister had a couple. We rode some together. I was always scared of them. They sensed it and took advantage of me.


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