Cassini | Fireball Into Saturn

For those who want to watch the end of Cassini in a live broadcast…

How I See It

The astronomy community is active with posts and anticipation of the end of the Cassini Mission to Saturn early in the morning of 15 Sep 2017. This post serves as a brief reminder that you can witness the ending moments live by going online or via the NASA channel on cable. Set your calendar or clock.

Time to show up for the broadcast is 7 am Eastern Time, 6 CT, 5 MT, or 4 PT. I will leave the time calculation to others who live across the oceans.

Online sources include YouTube, NASA-TV, UStream, and Facebook. The table in the link includes links to each of those. You get to choose.

Consult your cable provider to see if they provide the NASA-TV channel.

For a huge number of links to current and past information about the Cassini Mission, please go to the Media Kit provided for reporters by NASA-JPL…

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2 thoughts on “Cassini | Fireball Into Saturn

  1. Anne Brannigan

    That was so interesting, thank you. A fascinating story about Cassini. Many if those involved seemed very emotional about its demise.
    I’m just back from a week on Fingal, walking the great glen way. A lovely week and the crew were Kevin, Steve and Adam again so that was great too. Mixed weather but as you know a great drying room on board for damp days. We did some reminiscing and I loved it.

    1. Jim R Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed that post about Cassini. As you might guess I have been following that space mission and many others for a long time with great interest. It’s been so much fun to see the discoveries and watch the excitement of the scientists and astronomers when these things happened. I’m very envious of your trip on the Fingal. I would love to do that again sometime and maybe Melanie and I will be able to. Some things are just worth doing over again. Take care and thanks for your comment.


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