Garden Update For Kim

By special request, here are five photos of the current state of our garden. The flexible downspout near the rain barrel is easily moved to the top when the barrel needs to be filled. Watering in dry weather from the barrel is easy with the hose.

Next to the barrel is a six foot tall group of several varieties of milkweed transplanted two years ago from patches around the area. This year they grew especially well and had Monarch worms on the leaves. Several Monarch butterflies have been seen recently near the plants.

One of the common residents on the milkweeds is the Large Milkweed Bug. These bugs store toxins from the milkweed which sickens predators that eat them.

Next to the milkweeds is a rhubarb plant at the lower right. It has yielded stalks for pie and tasty desserts. To the left are several Celebrity tomato plants. We recently harvested enough to freeze six pint-sized freezer bags of cut up tomato. It will taste good this winter.

The lower terrace has two more celebrity plants on the right and a cherry tomato plant in the center. It stands well over six feet tall tied up to a tripod stand. We are eating a lot of these little tomatoes in salads. Notice the short Sweet Basil at the left. It has been harvested twice and used to make thirty 3-oz cups of pesto sauce. It stores well in the freezer.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, Kim. See you soon.



3 thoughts on “Garden Update For Kim

  1. Anne Brannigan

    Hi, your garden is looking great, I just love growing my own food and I’ve done it with my 8yr old grandson too. He is more successful than me!! His celery is wonderful, I always thought it hard to grow but it seems not. It’s too cold here for tomatoes outdooors but onions, leeks potatoes do fine.
    Broad beans ind runner beans are easy too. I’ve also lots of rhubarb which I love
    Happy growing x

    1. Jim R Post author

      Thank you, Anne. Always good to see you here. It is a wonderful time of year with the harvest of good foods cared for during the previous months.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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