Yellowstone | Bear in Flowers

This bear in Yellowstone Park was enjoying some flowers. Telephoto lenses are a great thing to have.

We entered the park from the northeast. What a gorgeous route. The changing sky and some rain added to the views. Looking forward to more in the next three days.


11 thoughts on “Yellowstone | Bear in Flowers

    1. Jim R Post author

      We are having a great time. Today, instead of negotiating the crowds, we took a 5.4 mile hike to see some beaver ponds. Very few people were on the trail. We saw two elk, many flowers, gorgeous scenery under perfect sky.


    1. Jim R Post author

      That we are. We did a 5.4 mile hike today. Few people. Lots of flowers, two elk, gorgeous scenes. Tomorrow we will spend the day with our niece and her husband at another site.

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