Goldfinches Now Ripe

Our local Goldfinches were beginning to brighten a couple of weeks ago as noted in a previous post. They are now bright yellow and black. This one sat quietly and let me get a few photos to share with you.


11 thoughts on “Goldfinches Now Ripe

  1. shoreacres

    In that last photo, I can imagine him thinking, “If he makes one move on this seed, there’s going to be trouble.” Their color is such a beautiful yellow — so clear and pure. It’s almost lemon-like. Very pretty.

    1. Jim R Post author


      I like seeing them and Cardinals in the morning sunshine. They really light up the area around the feeders. Yes, they are lemon-like in color. I like lemon.

    1. Jim R Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Michael. Yesterday I saw 8 of the yellow fellows flashing around in the sunshine.

      I know what you mean by upgrades to the gear. I got a new camera last spring with a big zoom ratio. It has expanded horizons.

      I enjoyed your recent bird shots of the 7. And, I watched the Mt. St. Helens video. I hope to go there someday.

      1. mdhoffmannphoto

        Thanks Jim! After much research I recently purchased a mirrorless camera Lumix G85 with a very bright electronic viewfinder – great for folks with eyeglasses – then I added a zoom equivalent of 28-280mm – just perfect for most outdoor stuff. Thanks for taking time to view my video – you’ll really enjoy visiting the park. Too bad we couldn’t see Mt St Helens due to fog.


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