10 thoughts on “Nibbling Deer

    1. Jim R Post author

      It was being cautious. I have a few iris and other plants coming up. I keep them covered with chicken wire to prevent them being eaten.

  1. Anne

    Lovely film of the deer, I think your wise protecting your precious plants, they would be stripped in no time

  2. Jim Wheeler

    It’s interesting how wildlife adapts to the human environment. Within the Joplin city limits where we live, we see geese, raccoons, wild turkeys, and yes, deer.

    Your video clip of the deer feeding reminded me of a movie that made a strong impression on me as a child, The Yearling.

  3. melissabluefineart

    In theory it is great news that species learn to adapt to living near humans, but the reality is something else. Townie raccoons are nothing like their wild cousins. People really should not ever feed these creatures, as the added calories increase their birth rate and teach them to live on handouts. They bring ticks and disease right onto our properties, and invade garages. Like mine. We pretty much have to tear it down, now. No other way to get the stench out. Seriously. Deer over-populate on handouts, the corn people give them. Then they go into nature preserves and strip the vegetation right to the ground. When we try to cull them, they have learned to retreat to the housing tracts where they cannot be shot. Then, people freak out if they see a coyote, who just might be able to help restore balance if allowed to. Why do people think one creature is adorable and another one is “evil”?! And then there are the geese…


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