Sunflower vs Squirrel

I cut the dried heads off of two tall sunflowers from last summer. I put them on the patio for birds to finish cleaning them of seeds. I returned later to find a squirrel had destroyed one and was in the process of tearing the second one to shreds. I hope he got a belly full.

13 thoughts on “Sunflower vs Squirrel

  1. shoreacres

    By the time I got 20 seconds in, I was laughing out loud. He’s attacking that sunflower head with the determination of a critter who’s decided he’s not going to share.

  2. Mrs. P

    Look at him go! I never got to see my sunflowers dry out because the squirrels snatched them before they could. I never did catch them in the act…just saw the missing heads…apparently a common thing.


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