The Face of America

Jim and I are in agreement on this, so I am reblogging here.

How I See It

I haven’t said much about the presidential campaign this year. I know many are very disturbed by it in this country. The partisan splits and us-against-them encampments have left us with no common ground for compromise and problem solving. It is a sad state of affairs.

People in other nations of the world wonder what has gone wrong here. They don’t understand how we can have such a fractious campaign. They are justifiably concerned about the outcome.

You might not ‘like’ either presidential candidate. But, that is the choice we have in November. You should vote anyway.

Things to consider… Whose face do you want to represent America internationally? Does expression at a negotiating table matter? Are important treaties and agreements promoted by making faces at your opponent?

I think the impressions we give to others matters a lot. I want someone who acts like an adult respecting others, not an…

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