Our New Neighbors

We watched the progress on the home from our window each day. New building materials were arranged and re-arranged. It seemed to take a long time. Finally, they settled in and seemed content with what they built.

Today, we noticed new neighbors in that home. Tiny Robin heads peeked above the rim of the nest. It was a hot day, too hot to sit on the nest. The youngsters held their mouths open and ready. Mom or Dad stood still. The babies drooped a bit and closed their mouths. A noise or a movement made them gape open again. They will grow fast. We’ll be watching.



Update: This image is one week later. The nest is crowded. Eyes are wide open. Ravenous.



7 thoughts on “Our New Neighbors

  1. Mrs. P

    Wonderful shots! They are so cute, too!

    I have been following a couple of pigeons whose mother decided to nest in a client’s potted dieffenbachia, located on the 18th floor! Admittedly, they are not as cute as your robins. In fact, they look like a couple of bedraggled ducklings. They are walking around the 18th floor balcony, while the mother roosts nearby…just watching them. We are very curious to see how she teaches them to fly, whether there will be some practice runs along the 18th floor or they take a leap of faith…instinct hopefully kicking in at the right time.

  2. shoreacres

    I’ve got fledglings coming to the feeder now, but today as I was coming home from work, I saw a sparrow flying up into a cypress tree with a beakful of grass. That may be a second brood, too, since I have baby sparrows following parents around, begging like they can’t peck a seed themselves. 🙂


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