Red Lily | Four Close Views

This lily is one of the few flowers planted in our back yard near the tree line. I built a wire enclosure around it to keep the deer from eating the blooms. It’s ugly. But, it works. I wish I remembered the variety of lily. Maybe someone can tell me.



12 thoughts on “Red Lily | Four Close Views

  1. shoreacres

    I like the combination of orange and red. Those tiny black dots on the inside of the flower appear to be raised — is that so? If they are raised, it’s just one more of those little details that make flowers so endlessly fascinating. I always wonder what forces led them to develop in just that way. Does everything have a purpose? Or is some of it just for beauty? On thing that occurred to me with the “dots” is that they might resemble tiny insects to other pollinators. So many mysteries!

  2. melissabluefineart

    I don’t know what the lily is, but it is gorgeous! Unusual to see such a vibrant red, I think. By the way, I’ve seen the Chicago Botanic Garden use black string around plants to protect them from deer. They string it like a web, sort of, high and low, and it freaks deer out because they can’t see it so they avoid the plant.

    1. Jim Ruebush Post author

      There are a lot of methods I could try. The clerk at the the farm store suggested a chemical to spray around. Claimed it stunk really bad to all animals but humans. The seemed too good to be true.


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