House Finch | Give Me Shelter

I looked out the front window to see how heavily it was raining. The corner of the garage has stucco covered quoins under the eave. Sitting quietly in a notch was a House Finch, eyes closed and dry, waiting for the rain to stop.


9 thoughts on “House Finch | Give Me Shelter

  1. shoreacres

    I’ve finally outsmarted the pigeons by adding a shelled sunflower tube feeder and a wire cylinder for peanut feeding. Lo and behold, I was looking out the window a few days ago and saw a flash of red. It was one of these finches. I think I have both the male and a female, mixed in with the sparrows. They’re such beautiful singers — and how nice that this one found a cozy corner.

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    1. Jim Ruebush Post author

      We have a lot of them at our feeders. I like their color when the sun shines on them at the feeder.

      We have no pigeons here. They are all at a particular intersection a couple of miles away and in downtown Iowa City.



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