Finches | House or Purple | Poll

Lots of activity at the feeder recently. These finches are frequent visitors. Which species are they? Make your selection in the poll below the photos.

7 thoughts on “Finches | House or Purple | Poll

      1. Steve Gingold

        Not sure what you are asking? I use Google Chrome for a browser. I can see a bit of brown up there which is what I based my ID on. Another thing to look for is a bit of a hooked upper beak which I also think I see.

        1. Jim Ruebush Post author

          I was wondering if you were using a small device like a phone. On a desktop browser, the images should show fine. I am using Chrome as well.

          I recently changed the 4 image gallery to a different style. I wonder if that changed anything for you.

        2. Steve Gingold

          I like the separation of your images rather than blocked together. It didn’t make much of a viewing difference for me. All I was commenting on was whether I had a correct view of the top of the head. Seems that I do. Can we vote early and often? It still says I can.

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