Full Moon | Joined By Mars | 21 May 2016

How I See It

The full moon rose a few hours after sunset last night. Full moon was officially at 4:14 pm CDT. Dark maria and bright craters contrasted. The large bright crater, Tycho, was prominent in the lower right. Rays streamed out indicating the force of that impact long ago.

2016_0521Moon Click to embiggen

To the right of the Moon was Mars. The red planet is now at opposition. From our Earth vantage point, Mars and the Sun are seen in opposite directions in the sky. The telephoto on my camera is good. But, it is not good enough to bring out any surface details. Look for Mars low in the east at about 10 pm local time for the next week or so. It is the closest to Earth at this time and appears larger than at other times of the year.


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