Food | Different Techniques

Alternative ways to slice or cut 3 fruits.

How I See It

Many techniques are used in preparing food. Some are tried and true methods passed down through the ages. I’ve come up with a few of my own that are more unusual. I made the following short videos to illustrate them. I hope you try them and find them useful.



These can be challenging because of their size, texture, and different parts. I use a serrated bread knife. Be careful.



You know that odd plastic tool in the back of the kitchen drawer? It’s the one with the sharp hook at one end and the curved flat thing at the other end. It’s an orange peeler. You can peel an orange in two neat hemispheres, a spiral, vertical strips, animal shapes, or whatever else you can think of. Impress your friends with your talent and skill. Here is one simple example.


Kiwi Fruit

The fuzzy skin on these highly nutritious fruit can be challenging…

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