Solar Eclipse | 8 March 2016 | Images

In case you missed it online…

How I See It

The regions of Indonesia and Micronesia were blessed with mostly clear skies during the recent solar eclipse. The track of the umbra shadow shows a purple marker where the duration of total eclipse was the longest at just over 4 minutes. The island of Woleai was in the ideal location near that marker.


A team supported by NASA and the Exploratorium was sent to Woleai with several telescopes and solar measuring equipment. They broadcast live during the eclipse via NASA TV. All images in this post are screen captures from their broadcast.

Eclipse7.04.13 PM
Progress of the Moon across the face of the Sun was slow. The Moon moved from the lower right toward the upper left as it passed in front of the Sun. One small sunspot was visible on its face. This image captured the moment the Moon crept by and covered that sunspot.


What follows is a…

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1 thought on “Solar Eclipse | 8 March 2016 | Images

  1. Mrs. P

    Too far south to see it…but I did have the pleasure of viewing it with my students when I was teaching.


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