Nutmobile | Mr. Peanut’s Wheels

by Jim and Melanie

We had our first Nutmobile sighting in January while driving from Iowa to Maryland. It was a brief glimpse since we were going opposite directions on I-70. We’ve seen the Wienermobile more than once.

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The Nutmobile is decked out with the latest in high-tech gear. It has solar panels on top, a wind turbine, burns bio-fuels, and more. The font is quite small. Click to embiggen for the specifics.


© Planters


23 thoughts on “Nutmobile | Mr. Peanut’s Wheels

  1. Eliza Waters

    That must have been an interesting sight! While I applaud their efforts at recycling and energy efficiency, I can’t help but remark on the irony that peanuts are a crop heavily sprayed with pesticides. Guess we can’t have everything!

      1. Eliza Waters

        I have a wooden, jointed Mr. Peanut doll from the 1930s. He’s was a kid’s toy, I assume. I haven’t had him out for a while, perhaps it’s time to go searching for him. 🙂

  2. Steve Gingold

    What a cool vehicle. So many things that should be part of mainstream cars. I’ve never seen the weinermobile or any other unique vehicles aside from one of the Google Earth cars. I imagine this would have caused a lot of rubbernecking.
    Good old Kindle. When I typed in “rubbernecking” it suggested “inbreeding”. Not sure I see a connection.

  3. shoreacres

    What’s doubly amusing to me is that, every time I hit the road for a trip, I get a craving for peanut butter Ritz Bitz. I don’t eat them any other time. But on an interstate, just rolling along — peanut butter and cars seem to go together. Maybe the (pea)nutmobile folks are on to something. It would have been a wondrous sight, that’s for sure.

    1. Jim Ruebush Post author

      They are just the right size for snacking. You can grab a few without taking your eyes off the road. They aren’t very crumbly. And, bonus, they taste good.


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