Venus and Jupiter | June Sky Show

How I See It

Two of my favorite objects are planets Venus and Jupiter. They are very bright and offer beautiful displays throughout the year. Usually, they are not in the same part of the sky at the same time. During June this year, they are both in the evening sky and will put on a wonderful display. It culminates on June 30 with them less than a moon-width apart, only 1/3˚. I urge you to make a point of going out each clear evening at sunset to watch as their performance takes place night-to-night.

The site Science@NASA released this 3 minute video which shows the highlights expected during the remaining weeks of June.

As a follow-up, I used my planetarium program and screen recording software to step through the dates June 18 – July 4. The view is toward the western sky soon after sunset. I chose 10 pm, but…

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