Strong Bricks

From the mouths of babes…

accidental life

My daughter is, by design, a thinker. She is my daughter, after all. She experiences everything in life through an analytical filter, of sorts. She sees parallels, makes connections and understands underlying meaning at a level that is beyond her years. Even more surprising, however, is her ability to put her thoughts and analyses to words. She not only thinks deeply about her life experiences, but she then shares her thoughts in a way that moves me to tears sometimes. Last night was one of those nights.

Daughter had spent the day visiting an historic community (Nauvoo, IL) with her classmates on a field trip. She had learned how to make rope, visited a blacksmith’s shop, made and tasted homemade bread from a brick oven and heard about how the bricks themselves were made. It was this last experience that she described in greatest detail as we lay in her…

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