Drought 2015 | Several Things To Know

How I See It

The Sierra Nevada mountains provide California with about 30% of its water supply. On April 1st 2015, the Department of Water Resources did its annual analysis of the snowpack. It was declared ‘virtually gone‘…lowest since 1950. It was only about 6% of normal.

snowpack California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) | http://bit.ly/1FwfmjQ 

  • The recent 2014-2015 winter was not the driest on record, but close.
  • Temperatures this winter for California and the western states have been the warmest on record.
  • Reservoirs in California are running well below average levels. They will drop quickly because of the lack of snow melt and rain.

reser1 California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) | http://bit.ly/1FwfmjQ

  • The dry winter conditions and heat are setting the stage for high-elevation fires this summer.
  • The agriculture industry is facing unprecedented low levels of groundwater. Continued pumping is lowering ground and water levels which may never be regained even with possible future wet seasons.
  • Power…

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