Caught Cheating…

I wrote this after seeing a lot of quilt blogs with crediting issues. But it’s good advice for any blogger.

Catbird Quilt Studio

Did you go to QuiltCon? Did you post a lot of photos of the exciting quilts? Did you give credit to the makers?


I’ve seen a lot of blog posts recently that didn’t give credit where credit was due. In fact, it’s a regular thing, but QuiltCon gave photo ops that people rarely enjoy, and they took full advantage of it.

Unfortunately, many of those photographers took advantage of the quilters by not including credits. That’s sort of like copying someone’s work on a test. You get points for stuff you didn’t actually do. It is easy to take one more photo with the name of the quilter, and then include the name in the quilt’s caption. I expect every quilter would want that courtesy. Not only are there ethical issues, there are also copyright concerns when you use someone else’s work for your own benefit.

Another way bloggers…

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