#FarmerNice: The Iowa Nice Guy wants you to thank a farmer

Pucker up next time you see a farmer.

Iowa Environmental Focus

(Rich Herrmann / Flickr) (Rich Herrmann / Flickr)

KC McGinnis | February 11, 2015

“So I hear you think you know something about farmers,” the newest video from Iowa satire icon Scott Siepker, the Iowa Nice Guy, begins.

“There’s a word for what you know,” he continues. “It’s fertilizer.”

The witty new video is an effort to educate the public about how agriculture affects their everyday lives. In it, Siepker narrates as his trademark Iowa Nice Guy, directing quips at the agriculture-illiterate while highlighting the importance and scientific know-how of everyday farmers.

“Your food doesn’t start with a factory or the Keebler elves,” the video continues. “It starts with farming.”

The video lists a litany of unexpected items that come from agriculture: crayons, pet shampoo, bandages, and more. It also points out Iowa farmers’ environmental contributions, like their strong connection to the wind energy industry.

“They got the idea from listening to you…

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