Power Builders 02.06.15

Not just for quilters… šŸ˜‰

Catbird Quilt Studio

With Power Builders, I plan to provide creative links each week. Inspiration is fuel, helping feed your flames of creativity, makingĀ you more powerful in your art and in your life. I love seeing how other creative people use their time, structure their work, find inspiration. These links will provide some of that, some beautiful or fascinating things to look at and think about, some books or other readings I love, and some technical information. Some of it will be directly quilt-related but much of it will not. What you see in Power BuildersĀ will depend on what I find. Feel free to link great things in comments, too.

1) Art comes in unexpected places and from unexpected people.

2) The making of a haute couture dress.

3) Have you met Austin Kleon? Take a look at his blog, his tumblr, his newsletters. Fascinating stuff.

4) And oneā€¦

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