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Out In Space

Some photographers have long telephoto lenses which allow them to create highly magnified views of small objects like comets. Others attached their camera body directly to their telescope. These days, their cameras have a CCD array instead of film. The CCD is able to capture color images using red, green, and blue light. The electronic signals are mixed in the camera to produce the colors we see in the photographs. Most of the images available for Comet Lovejoy at are in color. The comet appears as a faint blue-green object like this fine example.

Wolfgang Jörg | January 13, 2015 | Vienna, Austria

CCD devices are also attached to the large telescopes of the major observatories of the world. The Hubble Space Telescope is also equipped with them. The CCD arrays normally capture grayscale light in a wide range of shades, not in full color. These allow for…

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